GIAC calibration transforms the 992 GTS with massive power and acceleration improvements!


The Porsche ® 992 GTS is already one of the most impressive 3.0 liter twin turbo vehicles on the market, but the GIAC calibration takes the car to a new level. Most notably, the program improves responsiveness, acceleration, and top end power. Throttle response is enhanced so the vehicle responds more predictably from a stop. Power increases are blended in throughout the part throttle and RPM bands, providing progressive gains at all throttle positions without compromising the smooth driving characteristics of the 992 GTS. At full throttle the GIAC tuned 992 GTS accelerates like a different vehicle with power increases as high as 106 Ft-Lbs of torque and 58 horsepower.

This power upgrade for the 992 GTS can be installed reliably and efficiently by any GIAC dealer over the OBD port in about twenty minutes. For full power details and graphs see below.

Porsche ® 992 GTS Performance details:

Peak OEM HP Peak OEM Toque
474 HP
at 6300rpm
430 Ft-Lbs
at 3300rpm
Peak GIAC HP Peak GIAC Torque
514 HP
at 6300rpm
531 Ft-Lbs
at 3300rpm
Peak HP Difference Peak Torque Difference
40 HP101 Ft-Lbs
Maximum HP Gain Maximum Torque Gain
58 HP
at 6600rpm
106 Ft-Lbs
at 4000rpm