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Performance products from GIAC

GIAC is known for creating "factory smooth" performance solutions with exceptional power and reliability. Aftermarket performance products and accessories are available for the following vehicles.
- Audi - Bentley - BMW - Lambourghini - Porsche - SEAT - Skoda - VW -


Hand Held Flashloader Switcher ®

GIAC's Flashloader Handheld Switcher allows users to switch between GIAC-tuned software programs with the touch of a button. The product is a pocket-sized,hand-held device that plugs directly into th .....


Flashloader Mobile Device ®

The GIAC Flashloader Mobile (FLM) Device is a new tool that allows enthusiasts to flash or remove GIAC performance programs on to their vehicle. The FLM is pocket-sized, durable and does not require a .....

GIAC products, except for Flashloader Handheld (FHH) devices, carry a 30 day money back guarantee and a three year GIAC product replacement guarantee. GIAC FHH devices carry a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year GIAC product replacement guarantee. The replacement guarantee covers failure of the product due to material and workmanship of the product only. It does not cover failure of the product due to misuse, faulty installation or failure of or incompatibility with a related product. GIAC FHH devices must be sent to GIAC directly for warranty service. Upon inspection of such FHH devices, GIAC will determine the causes of failure for such FHH devices and, at its sole discretion, grant warranty service for FHH devices that fail due to poor material or workmanship. No other warranties of merchantability, of fitness for particular purpose, or affirmation of fact, expressed or implied, other than any available manufacturer's warranties, are extended or granted by GIAC.

GIAC's liability is limited to the original purchase price of the merchandise.

GIAC will carefully inspect each order shipped for accuracy of content and evidence of physical damage or defects prior to shipping. GIAC must be notified within five (5) working days of the receipt by the customer of any discrepancies in the content found or any missing, damaged or defective parts. The customer must report all damages related to shipping to the freight carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc.) within 15 days All damages related to the shipping process are the responsibility of the freight carrier and not GIAC. In general, claims not reported to the freight carrier within 15 days will be denied by the carrier. Denied claims related to shipping are not the responsibility of GIAC. Prices are subject to change without notice.

No refunds will be honored without the return of GIAC product to GIAC. Products that have been installed may be returned on a case by case basis. Returns must be made at the original point of sale within 30 days of receipt of merchandise. Custom designed or engineered products are NON-RETURNABLE. Return freight and other shipping charges are the customer's responsibility.

Additional Info:.
For Returns of GIAC software products: The GIAC software product must still be in the car and must be electronically removed by a GIAC authorized retailer in order to receive a refund.

For Returns of other GIAC products such as handheld switchers, sockets, and other GIAC devices: A restocking fee may be assessed on non-defective merchandise. Products returned must be in salable condition.

NOTE: The return policy applies to purchases directly from GIAC. GIAC dealers may have their own return policies for their customers. Contact your nearest dealer for additional information.
All GIAC Flashloader (flash-installed) software products may be upgraded to their most current version through an authorized GIAC dealer, as long as the upgrade is for the same car/VIN. GIAC dealers reserve the right to charge a labor fee, and if necessary a shipping fee, for such upgrades. Contact your GIAC dealer for additional upgrade information. Flashloader software products purchased "second-hand" are not eligible for upgrade under this policy.

The custom nature of the Flashloader product ties it directly to the original vehicle for which it was purchased and prevents resale of the software for use in another vehicle. All socket to flash upgrades must be done via mail order at GIAC. To be eligible for an upgrade to flash, the ECU must be sent to GIAC directly with the original socket still installed in the ECU. GIAC will perform this upgrade at the cost of $75-$125 ( ECU dependent ) labor plus return shipping.

To submit a request for upgrade please click the following link and fill out the ECU Service Form.

Customer ECU Service Form

Upgrade service may be refused if the original sale can not be tracked or proven via receipt of purchase from an authorized GIAC dealer. GIAC reserves the right to modify this upgrade policy at any time. GIAC reserves the right to refuse upgrade service to anyone.

GIAC is a wholesale manufacturer that sells software to independent retailers. If you are considering purchase or have purchased GIAC software, please refer to the information below. If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Motor racing is extremely hazardous, and death may occur. GIAC products have no warranty or representations made with the ability to protect against injury or death. Motor racing, aggressive driving, including driving for any period of time at full throttle, and car modifications of any kind that facilitate aggressive driving may reduce the useful life of the car and any of its wearable parts. Improving the performance of an engine by altering the engine's computer software may cause the engine to "work harder" and could result in damage to the car. The user assumes these risks. GIAC is not responsible for damage to a car of this kind.

All GIAC products are intended for racing/closed course competition use only and to be used in "racing vehicles" as defined by Section 2260 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR). According to California Air Resource Board advisory number 397, a "racing vehicle (defined in CCR Section 2260(a)(29.5) means a vehicle that: (A) Is exclusively operated in conjunction with sanctioned racing events; (B) Exhibits racing features and modifications such that it is incapable of safe and practical street or highway use; (C) Is not licensed by the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles for operation on public streets or highways; and (D) Is never operated on public streets or highways. Racing vehicles are exempted from California Air Resources Board (CARB) vehicular air pollution control requirements in section 43001 of the California Health and Safety Code".

GIAC's products fall under the Air Resource Board's Competition Use Only classification. Competition Use Only Parts may not be sold or used on an automobile that is used on or off the public highways other than those automobiles used exclusively for competition. Competition Use Only Parts are aftermarket parts that replace or otherwise interfere with the operation of an emission control device, such as a catalytic converter or oxygen sensor, and may be sold and used on an automobile that is used only for closed course competition.

These parts are legal for use only in competition racing vehicles as defined under California law, and are not legal for use in any other motor vehicle. Use of these parts in any other vehicle may subject you to fines and penalties for violation of federal and/or state law and can void your vehicle's warranty. All of the items GIAC sells have not been tested or approved by any federal or local governing agency and are not approved or recommended for street use. Understanding the legal requirements or legal limitations regarding the use of this product is the sole responsibility of the user. GIAC is not responsible or liable for errors or omissions. Prices are subject to change without notice.