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GIAC's performance calibration for the 2011 Panamera ® Turbo, blows away the competition....


In a recent comparison test conducted by AWE-Tuning in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, the GIAC performance calibration for the 2011 Panamera Turbo made a 75% greater horsepower gain over stock than one of the more aggressively marketed piggybacks.

Piggybacks can introduce many issues into an engine control system. Using a resistor to alter the signal coming from the boost sensor to the computer on a Panamera Turbo will not just trick the computer into thinking the system is making less boost. This inaccurate signal will affect the computer on a whole host of other parameters including boost ramp up, fuel, timing, and knock correction as well as many other motor and turbo related safety responses.

A proper ECU calibration will always allow the computer to receive more accurate information and make better decisions. This test was about power however, and the GIAC calibration comes out on top with its 91WHP / 50WTQ over stock, and 39WHP / 19WTQ over the piggyback module.

For more information please click here and select the "VS. Piggyback" tab to see AWE's entire write up.