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GIAC Software For Porsche Carrera GT3RS (997.2) Applications is Now Available


The Porsche Carrera GT3RS (997.2) platform comes well-tuned from the factory, but the GIAC software upgrade will deliver a little more power, torque and drivability for your day on the track.

  • Increased horsepower and torque gains of 8-14 hp/ 2-4 ft lbs. Wheel horsepower figures are supplied on the supplemental dyno plot. Crank gains are estimated with a 15% drivetrain loss.
  • Improved drivability, with consistent power and torque gains across the rev range.
  • Raised rev limiter by 200 RPMs.
  • Enhanced throttle response for a drive-by-cable system feel. Pump mode and race mode have different throttle sensitivities and retain sport mode.
A GIAC Handheld Switcher along with Race, Valet and Kill (anti-theft) modes are included with purchase. Pump mode has variable switching maps for 91/93/100 octane fuels. Race mode has maps that require 93 or 100 octane fuels.

Dynamometer test results from the GIAC MD-500 Mustang dyno are included here. The graph plots two runs (wheel HP and TQ) for a 2011 Porsche Carrera GT3RS (997.2) on 91-octane fuel. The green run is with GIAC programming. The blue run is the baseline run with stock ECU programming. The red run is with GIAC programming and 100 octane fuel. All runs are performed with a full GMG Racing exhaust system and factory intake system in place.

For pricing on this GIAC software including the Flashloader handheld switcher with 4 modes, please contact me via private message or contact a local GIAC dealer. This GIAC software can be installed by any GIAC authorized dealer. Customers are advised to call ahead to ensure that their local dealer is ready to flash this specific application.

Special thanks to Global Motorsports Group for supplying the test car in order for us to create this software package!