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GIAC performance software for the vw Alltrack ® MK7 2015 - Present

1.8 Turbo TSI - Gen 3


GIAC Stage 1 Plus adds horsepower, torque and more throttle response throughout the power band. This calibration is compatible with vehicles that have no other upgrades to basic "bolt-ons".
OEM Horsepower
and Torque
172 HP  230 Ft-Lbs
GIAC Pump Mode*
227 HP   276 Ft-Lbs
GIAC Race Mode**
240 HP   285 Ft-Lbs

HP and Torque figures are average engine estimates derived from wheel power and acceleration testing.
* 91 (r+m)/2 or 95 RON fuel compatible. 93 (r+m)/2 or 98 RON equivalent fuel for optimum results.
** 104 RON fuel compatible. 109 RON equivalent fuel for optimum results.
Dyno Plots
vw Alltrack ® MK7 2015 - Present - GIAC Stage_1_Plus dynoplot
vw Alltrack ® MK7 2015 - Present - GIAC Stage_1_Plus dynoplot
vw Alltrack ® MK7 2015 - Present - GIAC Stage_1_Plus dynoplot
Supported ECUs

Transmission Controllers

GIAC's DSG software truly optimize launch control, shift and torque limiter features for the end users performance modifications. Matching this program with the GIAC engine calibration will give the best results.
- Increased linearity on part throttle input, nearly to 1:1 input between accelerator pedal and throttle plate.
- Faster, smoother transitions between gears at part and wide open throttle.
- Part throttle torque limiters for shifts removed to alleviate potential hard shifting due to exceeding torque limit (alleviates “EPC limp mode” issues specific to this as well).
- Launch control limiter set at 3500 RPM for FWD models / 3700 - 4500 for AWD models ( platform dependent ).
- Launch control torque limits removed allowing full power launching and full clutch clamping pressure with launch control.
- Hard rev limiters set at stock limits.
- Remapped drive mode "drive plus program" with recalibrated shift logic and slightly more aggressive gear holding points.
- Full clutch clamping pressure at wide open throttle allows for 100% power delivery to the ground.
- Optimized torque limits to better match increased engine power with ECU performance software.
- Improved clutch pack transitions between shifts for cleaner shift feel.
- Manual mode kick-down disabled / Auto upshift still enabled.
- Improved upshift/downshift paddle response time.
- Optimized transmission overheat protection.
Supported ECUs

Other products

Hand Held Flashloader Switcher

GIAC's Flashloader Handheld Switcher allows users to switch between GIAC-tuned software programs with the touch of a button. The product is a pocket-sized,hand-held device that plugs directly into the OBD port. It uses serial flashing technology and requires no additional hardware within the DME.

Switching is performed by selecting the desired mode with the touch buttons. Cycling the ignition will save the new mode to the ECU's memory and retain its state until switched again.

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