U-select performance software for the 2.5L VW ® released....


After a great deal of R&D, GIAC is proud to announce the release of its U-select performance software for the 2.5L VW’s. This exceptional upgrade makes a peak power increase of 10 peak hp and a peak torque increase of 21 ft/lbs at the crank on 91 octane. Users on 93 octane will likely gain up to 15 hp due to the limitations of 91 octane and a couple more ft/lbs. of torque. The rev limiter is raised from 5800-6700 and the speed limiter is removed.
We are the first tuner we know of to offer full software switching for the 2.5L VW engines. No soldering, no hassles. This is a full OBD2 port software flash installation, completely reversible and 100% dealer scan tool compatible. The dealer can flash over it with no issues and your software can be reflashed.

As with many of our switching products the program options are as follows:

  • 91-93 Octane Performance (must be purchased)
  • 100 Octane Performance
  • Valet Mode
  • Stock Mode (87 octane compatible)
  • Kill Mode
A “Privacy Firewall” option is also available. This security feature links your handheld switcher to your vehicle via a programmed password so that only your switcher can change your programs.
All programs must be switched with the GIAC Handheld Flashloader or with the downloadable Flashloader located on our website.

*NOTE* Please check our website for ECU compatibility.

MSRP: $395.00
100 OCT MSRP: $100.00
VALET MSRP: $50.00
STOCK MSRP: $50.00
KILL MSRP: $50.00
Privacy Firewall: $100.00

This software is available through any authorized GIAC dealer. Please visit our website at: to find the dealer nearest to you.