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GIAC stage 1 plus performance programming for the 2018 - 2021 Audi ® B9 RS5 available now....


GIAC has released performance programming for the 2018 - 2021 Audi ® B9 RS5. The GIAC Stage 1 Plus calibration maximizes engine performance for a range of premium octane levels from 91 to 94 (r+m)/2 or 95 to 100 RON. This program dramatically improves the performance of the RS5 with out the use of any additional hardware upgrades.

The GIAC Stage 1 Plus increases peak horsepower by 35 HP and 66 ft-lbs on 91 octane, while adding 71 HP and 78 ft-lbs on 93 octane. These gains bring the peak power potential to 514 HP and 545 Ft-Lbs of torque. The power delivery is consistent throughout the rpm range, with a largest torque gain of 84 Ft-Lbs at 4000rpm on 93 octane and 77 Ft-Lbs at 4300rpm on 91 octane. While full throttle acceleration is notably enhanced, part throttle driving remains as smooth as the OEM calibration.

Special thanks to Pacific German for their feedback and help in the development process. Engine performance gains displayed in the figures and plots shown were calculated from raw wheel power data of OEM and GIAC programming tests. GIAC completed these tests on their four wheel, Mustang Dyno with load and up to 75 mph air flow. GIAC used a factor of 1.125 to account for parasitic losses and create the estimated power curves.

MSRP for this software is $1400 USD. For now, all B9 RS5 computers must be sent to GIAC for software installation. For more information, contact your local GIAC dealer or send your questions to