GIAC is proud to announce the release of transmission performance software for the 7 speed MK7.5 GTI equipped with DQ381 DSG transmissions.


GIAC is proud to announce the release of transmission performance software for the 7 speed MK7.5 GTI/Golf R and Audi S3 equipped with DQ381 DSG transmissions. This program supports higher torque levels, faster shift speeds in all modes and modified launch and shift points. The Drive and Sport mode remapping includes more aggressive gear selection and feel, while clutch clamping pressures have been increased in all modes to reduce the potential for clutch slip. GIAC DSG performance software for the DQ381 complements our performance engine calibrations, and is installed through the OBDII port in minutes, using regular GIAC dealer flashing cables or the Flashloader Mobile ( flash at home ) device. Installation of the GIAC product does not require removal of the DSG computer from the car at any time. This software release includes both U.S. models and international models.

GIAC DQ381 MQB software features:

Stage 1: (MSRP: $700.00 USD or $600.00 USD if bundled with a GIAC Engine Flash)
- Faster, smoother transitions between gears at part and wide open throttle.
- Part throttle torque limiters for shifts modified to alleviate potential hard shifting due to exceeding torque limit.
- "Off the shelf" launch control limiter set at 3600 RPM for FWD to reduce wheel spin at higher torque levels.
- Launch control torque limits removed allowing full power launching and full clutch clamping pressure with launch control.
- Remapped Drive and Sport mode shift logic and slightly more aggressive gear holding strategies.
- Higher clutch clamping pressure at wide open throttle allows for 100% power delivery to the ground.
- Optimized torque limits to better match increased engine power with ECU performance software.
- Improved clutch pack transitions between shifts for cleaner shift feel.
- Improved upshift/downshift paddle response time.
- Gear indicator in all modes.

GIAC is proud to offer the most complete and potent performance option for the MK7.5 GTI platform. DQ381 DSG upgrades are available at all authorized GIAC dealers, but will be initially subject to part number availability as GIAC engineers continue to populate GIAC's file database.

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