GIAC Programming is now available for the 2020 Porsche ® 992 Carrera ® and Carrera S ®!


GIAC engine performance software for the 2020 Porsche ® 992 Carrera ® and Carrera S ® offers substantial power gains throughout the rev range at full throttle, while maintaining OEM quality driveability. Both calibrations feature increased boost, changes in fueling and timing, as well as higher torque limits increasing peak horsepower on the Carrera S from 444 HP to 492 HP and the Carrera from 380 HP to 441 HP.

992 Carrera Gains

Peak To Peak  Largest Gain  
Power:  62 HP80 HP
Torque:  105 Ft-Lbs117 Ft-Lbs
Dyno Plot:      

992 Carrera S Gains
Peak To Peak  Largest Gain  
Power:  48 HP60 HP
Torque:  79 Ft-Lbs100 Ft-Lbs
Dyno Plot:      
The engine horsepower and torque graphs are estimated from wheel dyno tests using a correction value of 1.114. Wheel dyno comparisons are also included below. All testing of the OEM and GIAC programming, was done with premium fuel and no additional upgrades on the vehicles. GIAC tuning does not change the knock sensor thresholds from their original OEM levels for the optimum balance of performance and component longevity.

The MSRP for GIAC performance software for the 992 Carrera and Carrera S applications is $2200. Special thanks to Champion Motorsport for providing feedback and testing during the development process. For questions or sales and installation details please contact or find your nearest GIAC retail location at