GIAC is proud to offer a new OBD port unlock and flashing method for all 991.2 and 982 vehicles!


Almost three years after being first to market with after-market programming for the Porsche ® 991.2 and 982 Platform, GIAC is proud to offer a new OBD port unlock and flashing method for all of these vehicles. This means opening the ECU for a bench unlock is no longer required to OBD port flash a 2017 - 2019 Carrera, Turbo, Boxster or Cayman. A standard GIAC V2 or V3 proprietary flashing cable and a quick update to GIAC's latest programming suite version 798, is all that is needed to flash all our time tested, premium 991.2 and 982 calibrations over OBD. Flashing times with the GIAC V3 cable are about two times faster than the V2.

Special thanks to Champion Motorsport for beta testing all GIAC flashing programs and tools for the 991.2 and 982.

Cars supported:

** Turbo Carrera Models 3.8L Turbo Engine**
9P1907309C / 9P1907309D
991.2GT2RS (2019MY)
991.2TTS (2017MY+)
991.2TTS Exclusive PowerKit (2019MY+)
991.2TT (2017MY+)

** Carrera Models 3.0L Turbo Engine**
9P1907309B / 9P1907309E
991.2 GTS (2017MY+)
991.2 Power Kit (2017MY+)
991.2 S (2017MY+)
991.2 Base Carrera (2017MY+)

** 982 2016MY+ Cayman / Boxster 2L/2.5L Turbo Engines**
982907309C / 982907309D / 982907309E
982 2L Turbo
982 2.5L S
982 2.5 GTS

GIAC will continue to offer bench flashing and bench GIAC flashing kits for our dealers who prefer this service. This also allows our dealers to flash DMEs for other repair shops from far away or those whom do not like to use PCs to install performance files.

For more info on GIAC tuning products for Porsche ® vehicles click here.