OBD flashing for F Series four cylinder cars, now available to authorized dealers....


GIAC has released version 795 of its most widely used programming suite to all GIAC authorized dealers. This new version upgrades GIAC's VAG/Porsche vehicle programming software to add support for OBD flashing BMW F Series four cylinder vehicles. GIAC dealers will no longer need to pull the DME out of the vehicle and open it for reprogramming. From start to finish the flashing process should take 15 to 20 minutes. As with past versions of the program, vehicle specific data is saved before flashing, including but not limited to preexisting error codes, flash and access counter levels, and vehicle coding values. In order to successfully run this programming suite update, GIAC dealers will also need a GIAC V3 flashing cable updated to firmware 35. This program is currently being beta tested with six cylinder F series flashing and should be released soon.

Additionally, this flashing update comes with a high speed, high resolution, logger created by GIAC for F series vehicle diagnostics. The logger is loaded directly into the GIAC V3 dealer flashing cable as a firmware update, allowing it to read and save logs directly to a USB drive. Even with lower write speed USB drives, this logging software can capture just over 400 data values or around 17 rows of 24 channels per second. Higher write speed USB drives will lead to even higher sample rates. Other than loading the firmware on to the cable via a USB stick, a laptop is not used in the logging process.

GIAC's flashing hardware and software tools are designed and created in house by GIAC employees. We create these tools in house as it allows us to insure a much higher level of support and product quality.

Current pricing on GIAC OBD flashes for F-Series BMWs

Motor    Stage    Gains    MSRP
N20    1Plus    50 HP / 60 Ft-Lbs    $550
N26    1Plus    43 HP / 80 Ft-Lbs    $550
N55    1Plus    40 HP / 55 Ft-Lbs    $600
S55    1Plus    55 HP / 80 Ft-Lbs    $700

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