The GIAC Flashloader Mobile now supports the B8 and B8.5 A4 2.0 TFSI...


The GIAC Flashloader Mobile (FLM) Device, which allows enthusiasts to load or remove GIAC performance programs on to their vehicle is now available for the B8/B8.4 A4 2.0TFSI. The FLM is pocket-sized, durable and does not require a laptop or PC during the flash. Customers can store files and commands on a USB memory stick, which they can customize to perform a range of tasks. The FLM can easily be converted from flashing tool, to logger, to performance mode switcher, to code clearer or to some combination of each.

Flashloader Mobile pricing, user guides and videos

The Flashloader Mobile system is separate from regular GIAC Dealer VIN based flashing, and the two systems cannot be intermixed. The FLM device only uses FLM compatible files and will not work with the VIN based flashing system. Customers with a VIN based key flash by a dealer can convert to the FLM system by contacting GIAC.

Once converted, the flash value the customer had associated with their VIN will be transferred to a flash value associated with their FLM serial number.