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GIAC is proud to release GIAC engine performance software for the 991.2 Carrera S!


This calibration delivers peak-to-peak performance gains of 85 hp and 95-105 ft/lb torque. The program offers smooth part throttle driving and gear transitions, but a substantial increase in power at full load.

Software features included:
- Increased boost
- Changes to fuel and timing
- Higher torque limits

Performance gains displayed in the dyno plot shown were achieved with the GIAC software upgrade only using 93 octane. Additional power increases may be observed with additional performance hardware and/or higher octane fuel.

Thank you to the team at Champion Motorsport for their continuous support in product development and testing.

The MSRP for GIAC software for 991.2 Carrera S applications is $2200. All supported 991.2 and 982 computers initially require a "bench unlock" flash which can be done by GIAC or select GIAC dealers. Once unlocked these controllers can be flashed over the OBD port by any GIAC dealer. For questions or sales information, please contact or find your nearest GIAC retail location at