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GIAC B8.5 S4/S5 Dual Pulley Now Available!


The B8.5 dual pulley software shows a minimum gain of 10 to 15 wheel horsepower and torque over a GIAC stage 2, and is capable of reaching a quarter mile track speed up to 124 to 125 mph on well setup cars.

The requirements to run the GIAC dual pulley file are:
- Up to 183mm Crank Pulley (harmonically balanced is recommended for better theoretical mainshaft bearing reliability)
- Max ratio of 3.199
- AWE (57.55mm) or Forge/Emmanuele (57.20mm) Supercharger Pulley
- Charge Cooler Upgrades (IATS need to stay below 70 degrees celsius, 50C ideally)
- High and low pressure fuel pump upgrades (for E30 useage Race Mode)

A GIAC DSG flash is also highly recommended for more power in first and second gear (no torque reduction) and higher shift points to get the higher peak Horsepower near 7000 RPM.

Here are the ECU part numbers we currently support with the dual pulley files:
- 8K0907551A
- 8K0907551B
- 8K0907551D
- 8K5907551C
- 8K5907551E
- 8K5907551F
- 8K5907551G

MSRP for the dual pulley software is $1,800 USD from stock, or $400 USD to upgrade from our stage 2. We are currently running our Spring Sale right now as well, where a 10% discount can be applied to this file as well. Please visit your GIAC dealer for final pricing! For all other questions, please email! Huge thanks to our beta testers and Evan at Crown Motorsports Division for their continuous efforts during our development and testing phases.