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GIAC Software Now Available for 3.4 L 981 Cayman GTS Applications!


GIAC software is now available for the 3.4 L Porsche 981 Cayman GTS. This software calibration accommodates 91-93 octane (95-98 RON) fuel with the factory exhaust and intake system. The program offers dramatic and consistent power improvements throughout the entire power band over the OEM software, while retaining smooth drivability. Peak gains are about 25 HP and 20 ft. /lbs. of torque at the wheels over stock, on 93 octane fuel.

Notable features include the following:
  • Improved throttle response
  • Raised redline for perfect timing of shifts (optional)
  • OEM drivability
  • Substantial power gain throughout the rev range after 4000 rpm
Dynamometer test results from Champion Motorsport’s 2WD Dynojet are included here. The graph plots power tests (wheel HP and TQ) for a 2015 Porsche 981 Cayman GTS. The blue line represents stock programming, reaching maximum levels of 289.79 HP and 247.61TQ; and, the red line represents GIAC programming, reaching a peak of 310.49 HP and 261.11 TQ.

All GIAC products are intended for racing/closed course competition use only. 
Please read our important waranty and disclaimer notices for more information.

MSRP for the software is $1500.00 USD (excluding taxes and/or installation fees). Contact your local GIAC dealer for additional information and final pricing.

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