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DYNO TEST RESULTS: GIAC Performance Software for Stage 2+ Non-US 2016 VW GTI!


Recent tests by E&A Autosport of GIAC's performance upgrade for the new non-U.S. 2016 6-speed manual VW GTI produced peak gains of 91 WHP and 90 WTQ on 98 RON (93 octane). Even with these gains, drivability remains solid with a linear drive-by cable feel. Upon acceleration, the car launches smoothly and pulls hard to redline, with no dips in power or comfort. 

Required hardware modifications for this tune include an upgraded intake, upgraded front mount intercoolers, and a turbo-back exhaust. With this Stage 2 setup, the GTI produced 295 HP and 321 WTQ with 98 RON. The GIAC tune and upgrades generated an amazing 46.7% WHP and 39% WTQ performance increase over the stock results of 201 WHP and 231 WTQ on 98 RON. 

Max ValueStock (98 RON)GIAC Tuned (98 RON)GIAC Tuned (E30)

Additional upgrades required to optimize power with GIAC software include:
  • - Upgraded Intake
  • - Upgraded Front Mount Intercooler
  • - Turboback Exhaust
  • - Upgraded Stage 4 Clutch

The graph displays a significant jump in performance from the GIAC Stage 2+ tune compared to the stock tune. Red curves denote dyno test results for the stock-tuned MK7 GTI and the black curves denote dyno test results for the GIAC-tuned MK7 GTI with 98 RON. With the GIAC upgrade, performance is further optimized by running on E30 fuel, reaching a peak of 307 WHP and 342 WTQ. Blue curves denote dyno test results with GIAC Performance Software and E30 fuel.

Special thanks to Avihai Topor and the team at E&A Autosport for testing and providing dyno results, and continuing to support GIAC.

All GIAC products are intended for racing/closed course competition use only. 
Please read our important waranty and disclaimer notices for more information.