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GIAC Software is now available for Lamborghini Huracan!


GIAC software is now available for Lamborghini Huracan models equipped with a GMG World Challenge exhaust system! This software calibration accommodates the factory intake system and retains OEM-like drivability, while dramatically improving performance throughout the power band. On 91 octane fuel, performance gains of the kit, have been measured at 22-32 wheel HP and 10 - 20 ft. /lbs. wheel torque. In some areas of the power band, gains have been measured at 41 wheel HP and 35 ft lbs wheel torque over stock. During testing, GIAC engineers found that power measurements varied heavily based on test conditions, such as ambient temperature, pressure, humidity, airflow, etc. OEM baseline horsepower testing ranged from 489 to 503 horsepower and 339 to 350 ft. /lbs. of torque at all four wheels. Similarly, GIAC calibration testing ranged from 518 to 530 horsepower and 355 to 367 ft. /lbs. of torque, also at four wheels. Special thanks to GMG Racing for their participation in testing for this product!

  • properly recalibrated air/fuel ratios
  • improved throttle response for a drive-by-cable system feel
  • optimized torque control for smoother part throttle power control and faster shifting
  • raised speed limiters to factory redline in final drive gear
  • dramatic improvements in power under the curve, gaining as much as 40 horsepower in some areas
  • 100% OBD2 port flash with no ECU removal necessary.
The software purchase includes GIAC performance software compatible with 91 or 93 octane fuel. The following ECU part numbers are currently supported. If your part number is not on the list, ask your GIAC authorized dealer to submit a file request.
  • 4T0907552A
Dynamometer test results from an MD-500 Mustang dyno are included here. The graph plots power tests (wheel HP and TQ) for a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan equipped with a GMG Racing World Challenge exhaust system. The blue line denotes a completely stock Huracan with OEM software, exhaust, intake and charge cooler, on 91 octane. The green line denotes the same Huracan with GIAC software, GMG Racing WC exhaust, and a factory intake on 91 octane. All runs were performed in high ambient temperatures (91 degrees Fahrenheit in the dyno cell).

RAW All Wheel Power Dyno Plot: GIAC Stage 1 - 91 octane with GMG Racing exhaust versus Stock (GIAC dyno) +23 horsepower / +17 ft. / lbs. of torque at four wheels:

Estimated Crank Horsepower: 641 BHP / 435 FT. /LBS. of TQ

91 oct peak gains over stock: +32 horsepower / +27 ft. / lbs. of torque at four wheels