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GIAC Stage 2++ Software for Non-US Version High Output EA113 Motors Is Now Available!


New GIAC Software:

GIAC's Stage 2++ software for K04-based EA113 motors is now available for all Scirocco R, Golf R, and S3 cars with model years 2006 to 2012. Offering the same smooth drivability as the regular stage 2 with a bit more power, this software does not disappoint. This program features target and actual boost values in excess of 2560 millibar absolute. Statller Power Developments, measured peak gains from this software version at 88 HP and 114.7 foot pounds torque for the pump gas maps (98-99 RON / 93 octane) over stock with a 2010 S3 on a 4WD Maha dyno.

98 RON Dynamometer test results from a Maha dyno are included here.

Statller's 2010 S3 test car had an upgraded high pressure fuel pump, a turbo back exhaust, and a cold air intake with 70mm inner diameter MAF and stock equivalent laminar flow. The intercooler was stock and all factory knock and fuel safety DME settings were retained. Clutch and DSG software upgrades may be needed to support the power.

Many thanks to Statller Power Developments for their time and support testing this program.