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GIAC Stage 2 3.0T customers kick off the drag racing season in style with new Pump and Race Fuel Records!


Audizine user JJones2012 is the latest GIAC B8 S4 customer to achieve a quarter mile record. On October 4th, 2014, he brought his 2012 S4 to St. Thomas Raceway in Sparta, ON. Conditions weren't ideal as the Density altitude was +450 feet at the time he was making his pass. However, using the launch control in GIAC's Performance DSG software, he was able to cut a record 60 foot time of 1.6042 seconds. For overall elapsed time, he made a best pass of 11.6108 @ 119.12 mph, which is the fastest on record. Up to this point, 11.615 @ 118.33 mph (-473 foot Density Altitude) was the fastest elapsed time for a B8 S4.
More information JJones’ setup and the runs can be found here:
When it comes to 93 octane (98RON), GIAC has held both E.T. and trap speed records for some time now. AWE Tuning’s 2013 S5 outfitted with their full stage 2 upgrade package took the record from another GIAC customer earlier this year with an 11.883 @ 116.49 mph. Fast forward to October 3rd, Audizine user bigjohn009 brought his 2014 Audi S5 to Lebanon Valley Dragway for some passes on 93 octane. His S5 had only GIAC Stage 2 Version 2 software, GIAC DSG software, AWE Tuning pulley upgrade and a Roc Euro intake, with 93 octane fuel. It was full weight with factory wheels and tires. With the weather cooling down, he was able to set a new 93 octane record of 11.844 @ 116.27 mph. There has been some questions as to whether or not there were issues with tuning 2014 models and this new record puts those questions to rest.
More information on bigjohn009’s setup and the runs can be found here: