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GIAC DL501 S-Tronic Performance Transmission Software is Now Available Worldwide!


GIAC has supported numerous German makes and models with powerful, reliable and "factory smooth" performance engine software for over 20 years. For nearly as long GIAC has been a leader in transmission software calibrations for Tiptronic and DSG equipped vehicles.  In many cases optimized transmission software is vital to ensure maximum power gains.

GIAC is proud to announce the release of performance DSG transmission software for the 2010-2012 Audi S4 3.0T equipped with DL501 transmission (not to be confused with the transvers DQ500 and DQ250).  This software release includes both U.S. models and international models.  This software complements GIAC performance engine software and is installed in minutes using regular GIAC flashing tools through the OBDII port.  Installation of the GIAC product does not require removal of the DSG computer from the car. This quick upgrade supports higher torque levels, faster shift speeds and higher limiters in your DSGs mechatronic to ensure you get the most from your high powered S4.

GIAC DL501 software features:

  • Shift points raised to 7,200 RPM in sport mode and 7,100 RPM in manual mode (can not be matched with OEM rev limits in the engine computer)
  • Optimized torque control for faster, smoother shifting
  • Clutch pack clamping pressure raised to support higher torque levels
  • Launch Control added to some 2010 model S4s
  • Launch control set at 4,000 RPM (from 3,000 RPM stock in DSG)
  • Torque requests and limits raised
  • Remapped sport mode "drive program" with improved ability to hold gears and added overheating protection
< br>< br> GIAC DL501 performance DSG software is currently available for customers that have a GIAC engine calibration, updated with the proper modifications for GIAC's DSG performance software.  The GIAC engine and transmission calibrations for the B8 have been designed to work in concert to provide the ideal 3.0TFSI driving experience.  GIAC is proud to offer the most complete and potent performance option for the B8 3.0T platform. MSRP is $700.00 and is available at all GIAC dealers.

Currently, we support the following mechatronic part numbers:
  • 2012 - 8K2927156S (natively supports launch control)
  • 2011 - 8K1927156K (natively supports launch control)
  • 2010 - 8K1927156C (does not natively support launch control)
  • 2010 - 8K0927156M (does not natively support launch control)

We will continue to add part numbers to our database moving forward.