GIAC's Flashloader Wireless App (FWA) released...


GIAC's Flashloader Wireless App (FWA) gives you smart phone access to cool car enthusiast calculators and tools. The Racerís Toolbox is included with this free download.

  • Use info from your ľ mile time slip, car weight, and track conditions to estimate HP.
  • Estimate your MPH at a specific RPM or RPM at a specific MPH using tire diameter and gear ratio.
  • Calculate your engine displacement using the bore, stroke, and number of cylinders.
  • Calculate compression ratio using the bore and stroke along with combustion chamber, head gasket and deck height volume.
  • Calculate the thickness of the head gasket spacer shim using starting compression, bore, stroke and desired lower compression.
  • Convert various units such as horsepower, kilowatt/hours, foot/lbs torque, PSI, bar, Celsius/ Fahrenheit and others.
  • View the FWAís engine software switcher demo, if you havenít already purchased GIAC switching software and a GIAC DME Transceiver Module (DTM).
With the purchase of a GIAC DTM engine software switcher and compatible GIAC engine software, the FWA also gives you control of the GIAC-tuned software programs in your car's computer with a touch of a button. Potential software options include stock programming, performance programming for pump gas, performance programming for 100 octane gas, valet mode, and antitheft mode. GIAC DTM users can also download and install latest GIAC firmware updates, as they become available, to the GIAC DTM via button selection on the FWA. Additional accessories, such as the boost gauge feature, are in development.

GIACís MSRP for the DTM is $175. The DTM is compatible with all GIAC software for Seat/Skoda VAG/Audi, BMW and Porsche with the following exceptions: 2007 N54 BMW and 1997-1999 A4 applications. This product is not currently available for Bentley models. Please note that stock will be limited at release time, however, we will work to build them as quickly as possible.