GIAC Holiday promotions on all performance products for Audi, BMW and VW vehicles start Thursday, November 16th!


The holidays are upon us, and so are great deals on the latest GIAC performance software calibrations! From November 16, 2017 through December 31st 2017 all participating dealers* will be offering 10% off MSRP** for all software performance flashes and switching options on products for Audi, BMW and VW vehicles. The promotion can also be applied to all GIAC hardware upgrades and accessories like the Flashloader Switcher and Flashloader Mobile device. All cars in the US and Canadian markets are included in the promotion, for all other markets, please contact your GIAC wholesaler for holiday promotion details.

* Please contact your local dealer to ensure they are participating in the promotion.

** Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing. Actual retail pricing may vary.

***FHH Switcher options may include Stock, Pump (91/93 octane performance), Race (100 octane), Kill (anti-theft feature), Valet (reduced power), & Privacy Firewall (PIN security for FHH which locks out other FHH switchers. Pricing includes only currently available options for each platform or model.