GMG's GIAC Tuned R8 Trio

Check out GMG's GIAC Tuned R8 Race Cars

GIAC B8.5 S4

2000+ mile journey. 70+ Horsepower. Tunes for the new B8.5 S4s are available!

Double Trouble

Two B8 S4s getting the GIAC treatment.

GIAC A7 3.0T

Unleash your A7 with a GIAC tune.


Check out GIAC's new TT-RS Software!

This Week's Featured Calibration

GIAC's newest Stage 2 software measured power gains of 78 horsepower and 70 pound feet of torque at the wheels, making a 26% increase in power over a stock TT-RS. ...Read more

GIAC's new user-adjustable launch control for the manual transmission 2.0 TSI.

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